Earn money with vehicle wrap advertising

How would you like to earn money every time you drive your car? Literally!!

How many times has a vehicle with an advert caught your eye? Think about the various JUTC buses which feature adverts from the likes of Nestle, Digicel, Sunshine Snacks and Grace. Have you ever thought about doing that to your own car? If you haven’t then why not?

Make money with your car

Let us be honest in these times it is wise to set up multiple income streams to combat the uncertainty of the current and future economy. So, why shouldn’t there be a means for people to make a little extra income by placing an advert on the side of their vehicle?

Well, that is what Commute Ads aims to do. We will help advertisers take advantage of an underused method of promotion.

We are offering you the ability to make extra money, with no upfront cost from driving your car.

Through this mutually beneficial arrangement, advertisers use Commute Ads to get their message seen in all across the island while you the drivers sign up to make money.

How does Commute Ads work?

Driver Application: Where we gather information about your normal general route
Match: Where we align your route with a company that feels your driving habits matches their goals
Drive & Earn: You get your vehicle wrapped and get paid every month
Unwarp: We removed the advert at the end of the campaign.


Vehicle wrap Kingston


What is the Wrapping Process?

You have the option of choosing between a Decal or a Partial wrap. A decal is a sticker that fits on the door of your car. The partial wrap is an ad that will be placed on the side of your car from lower down on the front door to the top of the back door.

• The car wraps we use are safe for your vehicle and its paint.
• You always have a choice of what brand goes on your vehicle.
• All wraps are specially designed to fit your vehicle.
• We will professionally install the wrap and remove it at the end of the campaign.


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