Outdoor car advertising

Vehicle Wraps Vs Traditional Billboard Advertising

The majority of Jamaican drivers travel everyday mingling with thousands of potential consumers. The daily commute is filled with opportunities for forward-thinking brands to get their messages across to the public. Vehicle advertising differs from other types of Jamaican outdoor advertising, mainly because most outdoor advertising is static in nature and consist of advertisements on larger format free-standing displays. These are often located next to the road, on buildings and walls. Viewership is gained by passing vehicular traffic when compared to vehicle wraps gains less views.

vehicle wraps jamaica

Unlike other mass transit advertising media vehicles such as buses, who are limited to specific routes, a car generally has no boundaries and can virtually travel anywhere, providing vast brand awareness. Mass transit advertising media are mainly used to reach a broad commuter market, while car advertising offers opportunities for advertisers to reach a broad spectrum of consumers and very specific consumer markets.

If you compare the cost of outdoor advertising vs. vehicle advertising, the better and more affordable choice would be vehicle wraps.

Vehicle wraps Jamaica

While it is true a billboard in a popular urban centre will get noticed, after a while, the number of “unique” or “first time” visuals will begin to drop. Those who drive the same route every day are used to seeing the billboard and will disregard it totally.

On the other hand, stunning, eye-grabbing vehicle graphics would get noticed again and again—mainly because the routes these vehicles travel vary from day to day and week to week—a new audience is born every day!

Think about those cute little Red Bull cars, wrapped with adverts complete with a can on top. How about the branded company vans that you see going about their way daily?

How much of the marketing budget you think is saved by having such a visible presence active out on the road?

Well that is what Commute Ads aims to do. We will help advertisers take advantage of an underused method of promotion and use Commute Ads to get their message seen in all across the island while drivers sign up to make money while doing something they already do, traverse the island’s roadways.

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